2017 Advisory Board

Thermoplastic Elastomers US 2017 Advisory Board

  • Robert Eller

    President Robert Eller Associates LLC

    Bob Eller is President of Robert Eller Associates LLC (REA).

    REA provides technical, market and economic analysis to support management decision-making, and strategy formulation in the plastics, TPE and rubber industries often at the advanced R-D/early commercialization interface. TPEs are one of REA’s consulting specialties.

    His company has operations in Akron, Ohio (USA), Asia Pacific and Europe. Bob and his associates have carried out numerous technology, strategy, pricing forecasts, product positioning analyses (usually at the advanced R/D-early commercialization interface) and acquisition support.

    His company is currently working on:

    -Assisting clients with identifying opportunities for product innovation and the innovation process

    -Positioning new TPEs and their fabrication technologies

    -Acquisition candidates in the global plastics and rubber markets

    -The evolving role of thermoplastic composites and fabrication technologies

    -Innovation opportunities in the packaging industries

    -Positioning of new polyolefin, TPE and compound technologies in automotive

    - Assessment of compounders in the Asia/Pacific region

    Bob is a graduate of M.I.T.in Chemical Engineering and has an M.S. in Polymer Science and Chemical Engineering from Brooklyn Polytechnic. 

    His employment experience includes ExxonMobil, A. D. Little, Phillip Townsend Associates, Charles River Associates (Vice President), Multibase (a French/U.S. TPE compounding company- General Manager) and Robert Eller Associates LLC which he established in 1991.

    Bob holds 4 patents in the plastics materials and process areas.

  • Alper Kiziltas

    Research Scientist - Sustainable Biomaterials and Plastics Ford Motor Company

    Dr. Kiziltas’s research is focused on sustainability and emerging materials such as nanomaterials, polymeric and soft materials, biomaterials, glassy and amorphous materials, self-healing materials and bio-inspired and patterned functional materials. He received his M.S. and Ph.D. from the University of Maine. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Karadeniz Technical University (KTU). He has published over 50 peer-reviewed articles and papers in leading journals and conferences in his field, and regularly serves in organizational leadership roles for the SPE (ACCE TPO, Automotive Division), Thermoplastic Elastomer Summit and Advancements in Fiber-Polymer Composites Symposium. He is the recipient of the SPE-ACCE best professional paper award and holds 5 patent disclosures.

  • Paul Shipton

    Consultancy Director Smithers Rapra

    Paul manages Smithers Rapra European plastics and rubber consultancy operation.  He has 25 years’ experience in plastic materials formulation, product manufacture and product development. 

    He has led the technical development of a number of successful plastics consumer and industrial products. Paul specialises in problem solving, product manufacturing process improvement and adding “know how” to clients’ businesses. Paul has built up a specialised consultancy practices in medical devices, automotive component and construction related polymer applications.

    He practises as an expert witness in litigation and criminal cases involving polymer technology.

    Before working at Smithers Rapra he ran his own Plastics and Management Consultancy businesses.

  • Dr. Krishna Venkataswamy

    Senior Global Technology Director GLS Thermoplastic Elastomers, PolyOne Corporation, McHenry, ILL

    Dr. Krishna Venkataswamy is the Senior Global Technology Director of GLS Thermoplastic Elastomers, PolyOne Corporation, McHenry, ILL. PolyOne is a multibillion dollar leading global provider of specialty polymer solutions. He heads up the product development, application development, materials science and technology, and foundation research efforts. His global responsibilities include organizational and business responsibilities spanning North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

    Krishna has been in the Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) industry for twenty five years. He has worked in TPE development for consumer, medical, industrial and automotive applications and his efforts have led to several commercial products. He is considered one of the most successful industry leaders in commercializing technologies. He has nearly combined fifty patents and papers to his credit.

    Dr. Venkataswamy has chaired or co-chaired many American and international conferences on Thermoplastic Elastomers. He has delivered key note speeches on TPEs in several international conferences in US and Asia. Krishna has delivered several invited lectures in international conferences organized by American Chemical Society, Society of Plastics Engineers and European RAPRA as well as in academic and research institutions such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Akron, University of Florida, SPE (Mumbai @ UDCT), Indian Institute of Technology (Chennai) and National Chemical Laboratories (Pune).

    Dr. Venkataswamy was honored with “2012 Annual Award in Research and Engineering Technology” from the Society of Plastic Engineers for his technical contributions leading to commercial success in plastics. Prior to this, he has honored with “2006 Fellow Award” from the SPE for his technical contributions and commercial successes in the Thermoplastic Elastomer Industry. Only 300 SPE members (1% of the total membership globally) counting 2006 awardees are elected to this prestigious status since the Fellow Program inception.

    Krishna has been the recipient of the “Outstanding Achievement Award for Leadership in 1999”, from Society of Plastics Engineers for his outstanding contributions as the Chairman of Board of Directors of Engineering Properties and Structures Division (EPSDIV) for 1997-1998. . He served as a Director on the EPSDIV Board for ten years. He is a Director of the Distinguished Alumni Board at the University of Florida. He was the Chairman for the New Technology Forum” which is focused on conducting symposiums on future trends in technology treat the SPE national meetings and currently serving as a member.

    Dr. Venkataswamy was awarded the Sherwin-Williams/ICI award in Applied Polymer Science in 1986 from Division of Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering, of American Chemical Society. This was for a paper from his doctoral dissertation which was among nearly one hundred papers considered for this award that year.

    Krishna was awarded a PhD in Polymer Science and Engineering from Case Western University in 1985. He has MS degree in Materials Science and Engineering from University of Florida and a B.Tech degree in Chemical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology.

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