Thermoplastic Elastomers World Summit Programme 2017

Tuesday 28 November

Tuesday 28 November

  1. Registration and Welcome Refreshments

  2. Chair's Opening Remarks

Forecasts for the TPE industry and future markets

  1. Markets and areas of industry growth

    Patrick Ellis | Associate Consultant of Smithers Rapra

  2. New markets and challenging opportunities

    Ines Alonso Zapirain | Specialty Products Leader of Dynasol Group

    • New applications demanding no migration, excellent transparency, low hardness, higher elasticity, soft touch, excellent flow and biocompatibility
    • New products
    • 2 new SEBS grades
    • Applications such as films and tubes
  3. TPE and material considerations using latest advancements

    Teknor Apex (Invited)

  4. Networking Refreshment Break

Materials; biomaterials and renewables

  1. VistamaxxTM performance polymers enable oil-free soft touch grips

    Anja Schulz | Vistamaxx™ Market Developer, EMEAF of ExxonMobil Chemical

    • Oil free solution: non-slip feel when wet, no sticky feel from oil blooming
    • Durable polyolefin-based thermoplastic compounds: excellent bonding on PO substrates, improved toughness with tear and tensile strength
    • Improved economics: lower material cost, lower specific gravity, higher filler loading acceptance
    • Tailorable solution: formulation can be modified to achieve target performance
    • Aesthetic appeal: good colour ability, semi-transparency
  2. High molecular weight extender oils in TPE – impact on fogging and migration

    Mark Proudfoot | Senior VP Technology of Renkert Oil

  3. New halogen free flame retardant TPE

    Ryosuke Kurokawa | Lead Researcher of Sumitomo Chemical Company

    • Flame retardant thermoplastic elastomer (FR-TPE)
    • Halogen free
    • UL-94 flammability rating of V-0
    • Lower toxic gas
    • Applications such as connector cover, architecture gasket, railway vehicle and so on
  4. Compounding a foaming agent: new opportunities for lightweight elastomers

    Giulia Franceschetti | Project Manager of Francesco Franceschetti Elastomeri

    • Meet market’s new trends with a compound TPE + foaming agent: easier processing; lightweighting; controlled cell size; improving aesthetic aspect; mechanical elastics performances
    • Diversify the polymeric compounding process, offering the right product/performance for the right application
    • New food grade portfolio of MasterFran foaming agents azodicarbonamide free
    • Technology for compounding a foaming agent with TPE and F.F.E know how
    • We are looking for partnerships and collaboration for new customized compounds
  5. Networking Lunch

TPEs and their properties

  1. Engineering TPE’s with advanced damping properties for automotive industry

    Nobuhiro Miwa | Technical Service Engineer of Kuraray

    • Polystyrene and a vinyl rich poly-diene mid-block copolymer, HYBARTM exhibits significant vibration damping and shock absorption properties
    • How to improve damping performances from the viewpoint of polymer structures
    • Show damping properties in automotive vibration and noise area
  2. Bonding properties between TPVs and cured rubber for automotive profiles

    Noriyoshi Ono | Researcher of JSR Corporation

    • Why Olefinic thermoplastic elastomers?
    • What is JSR EXCELINK®
    • Significant adhesive improvement to cured rubber profiles; background, key technology and features
  3. New adhesive technologies for bonding elastomeric thermoplastic and silicone rubbers

    Rebecca Cowles | Staff Scientist of Lord Corporation

    • Novel adhesive solutions designed to bond injection molded TPE and LSR to multiple substrates
    • No need for special surface preparation
    • No moisture/atmospheric application limitations
    • Environmentally friendly
  4. Networking Refreshment Break

Networking Drinks Reception

  1. Networking Drinks Reception

Wednesday 29 November

Wednesday 29 November

  1. Registration and Welcome Refreshments

  2. Chair's Opening Remarks

OEM Applications and use within industry

  1. Mechanical stress relaxation of medical tubing for infusion therapy: predicting product performance by material modelling

    Thomas Kremser | Scientific Staff Member Material Science of B.Braun Melsungen AG

  2. Medical device requirements: how can they be met with TPE

    Christian Baumeister | Head of Polymer Projects of pfm medical

  3. High temperature polyester elastomers in under the hood applications

    Krijn Dijkstra | Global Marketing Manager of DSM Engineering Plastics

    • High temperature polyester elastomers (CUT > 150 OC)
    • Charged air ducts
    • Class D automotive cable
    • Vacuum brake tubing
  4. Networking Refreshment Break

  5. Regulatory compliance for food contact applications of TPE

    Jürgen Towara | Senior Food Contact Expert and Head of Food Contact Consultancy of Intertek Health Environment and Regulatory Services (HERS)

    • Food contact applications
    • Regulatory compliance of elastomers
    • TPE vs. Silicone regulatory
    • GMP for food contact materials
  6. Thermoplastic urethane in high impact applications

    Guenter Scholz | Product Development Elastomers of BASF Polyurethanes

    • Introduction in TPE
    • Application in car indoor parts
    • Application in car outdoor parts
    • Infinergy® - elastomeric particle foam
  7. Low VOC & Low Fogging TPE for Vehicle Interior

    Dirk von Falkenhayn | Senior Technology Manager Europe of PolyOne Corporation

    • TPE – designed to reduce weight by providing functional alternatives to thermoset elastomers
    • Latest challenge to the automotive producer is to improve Vehicle Interior Air Quality
    • This presentation will address TPE development providing low VOC & low Fogging TPEs that can be used for interior applications
  8. Networking Lunch

  9. Slipsafe: Update

    Paul Shipton, Consultancy Director, Smithers RAPRA (Invited)