60 seconds with: Patrick Ellis, Smithers Rapra

We spoke to market expert and consultant, Patrick Ellis, about the upcoming Thermoplastic Elastomers World Summit 2015 as well as the unique opportunities that the industry is offering.

Patrick has over 50 years’ experience in the European plastics industry, where he has worked for a number of multinational polymer producers, including Shell Chemicals, General Electric Plastics, Monsanto Europe, Hercules Europe, Himont and Neste Chemicals.

The event will showcase the use of thermoplastic elastomers in a wide range of industries, with Patrick’s presentation concentrating on sustainability and the future for TPE’s. He states that serious efforts must be made to increase the performance of current TPEs. “Commodity TPEs are under price increasing pressure and will continue to be so, especially from Asian and North American TPE compounders. The existing high performance TPEs only represent about 10% of the global TPE market. This represents a golden opportunity for all players in the TPE industry to not only increase sales, but more importantly, profits.”

Patrick has recently completed several global market studies on elastomers, fibre reinforced thermoplastics and TPEs and he believes that automotive, medical, wire and cables applications are showing the highest growth rate. He emphasises the importance of congregating to discuss these exciting new avenues of development: “Representatives from these industries should be encouraged to not only present papers, but also to attend the conference. We need to hear from the end-users what their needs are and how they think that we can satisfy them.”

The Thermoplastic Elastomers World Summit 2015 has attracted a loyal following from many of the world’s leading TPE manufacturers, processors and end users, and Patrick is excited to share his knowledge with them at this year’s event. “I’m looking forward to meeting old friends, but also making new acquaintances. The objective of my presentation is to introduce some new ideas as to how the TPE industry can face its future challenges, based on my past experiences.”