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The  2017 US Summits will  feature  presentations by Gabriel Geyne, application engineer at SigmaSoft. As the only speaker presenting in different sessions at both Summits, Gabriel recently shared insights into  how this year's co-located US  Summits  could be a potential game changer for  greater innovation within the two applications, and his thoughts on how the Summit  will help  prepare both industries for  future collaboration with one another.




With respect to the joint session, you are the only speaker presenting at both the Silicone Elastomer and TPE conference, what do you think about the co-location of the Silicone Elastomer Summit and the TPE Summit?

In general, we don’t see a lot of overlap between the two materials or audiences. It seems there is a very clear distinction that LSR is used in places where TPE are not. We mostly see TPE in consumer products and LSR in medical or lighting (for transparency).

Do you think co-location of conferences on the two materials could lead to greater innovation in their respective applications?

Potentially yes. It’s bound to happen anytime you put two different market audiences together.

Why should people attend this event?

People who are looking forward to learning something applicable to them in their business; new technology, equipment, materials, applications, procedures, etc.

What are you most looking forward to at the conference(s)?

Our main objective is always business. Making new contacts and generating long-term business relationships is the key requirement for us, or any other supplier, to justify participation in any event.

Why are events such as this important?

Events like this provide the landscape to make personal connections with people. For our business, this is very advantageous.