An exploration of silicone elastomers from thermal resistance to thermal degradation

Aurore Jolivet tells us ahead of her presentation at Silicone Elastomers World Summit this November why these elastomers have a key advantage to others.

Smithers Rapra: Your presentation explores silicone elastomers from thermal resistance to thermal degradation, why is an important area to discuss?

Aurore Jolivet: Silicone thermal resistance is a key advantage compared to other elastomers, which explains the choice of silicone for specific application. Furthermore, increasing the thermal resistance is a trend for many industries: the miniaturization of motors in the automotive industry lead to higher temperatures, norms & standards in safety cables are increasing their exigencies and in transportation (railway, aero…) players are looking for increasing durability…

Smithers Rapra: You mention that your presentation will look at applications, structure and formulations in order to deliver the best performance compromise; what can the delegates hope to learn from hearing your presentation?

Aurore Jolivet: Delegates will learn what are the processes of thermal & fire degradation, what are the different behaviours of silicone elastomers under high temperature and what are the solutions for a better performance.

Smithers Rapra: Where do you think the industry is headed for the next 5 years? Why do you think this?

Aurore Jolivet: Industries are clearly going to higher and longer thermal resistance by keeping specific properties such as innocuity, adhesion, low & non-toxic smoke emission, dielectrical insulation…

In the meantime, light weighting is a key trend, especially for transportation, so we are meeting the need of a material with a good thermal resistance with a low density.

The market will meet an important rise as hybrid cars are arriving on the market. Copper is quite expensive, so cables manufacturers prefer to increase voltage on the cable with same diameter, what increase the working temperature.

Smithers Rapra: What are you most looking forward to by attending the conference in Munich in November?

Aurore Jolivet: As Bluestar is investing a lot in the silicone rubber industry, we really would like to meet players to discuss needs, market trends, potential solutions.

It’s always a pleasure to discover what are developing our suppliers or customers & Silicone Elastomers World Summit is the opportunity to stay connected with leaders in our industry