Exclusive Interview: 60 seconds with Rebecca Cowles from LORD Corporation

Rebecca Cowles from LORD Corporation will be presenting at Thermoplastic Elastomers World Summit on "New adhesive technologies for bonding elastomeric thermoplastic and silicone rubbers". Smithers Rapra spoke to Rebecca ahead of the event to find out her view on the latest developments within the industry and why these new adhesive technologies are so important in the industry right now.

Smithers Rapra: Your presentation looks at new adhesive technologies for bonding elastomeric thermoplastic and silicone rubbers, why is this an important topic to discuss?

Rebecca Cowles: Trends toward smaller and more complex personal electronic devices propose a challenge to design engineers who want to join together dissimilar materials.  Currently, they rely on various joining methods including mechanical interlocking, pressure sensitive tapes, and glues, for joining dissimilar materials. LORD offers in mold bonding adhesives that can replace these methods, offering more design freedom, and broader use of different materials.

Smithers Rapra: You mention that the technology is environmentally friendly, why is this important for this industry and what can this step hope to achieve?

Rebecca Cowles: Regulatory restrictions continue to increase, especially in China. Namely, the use of high VOC and hazardous solvents such as MEK, xylene, and toluene contribute to air pollution and require expensive environmental controls.  LORD continues to be an industry leader in offering low/no VOC and aqueous adhesive solutions.

Smithers Rapra: Within the industry you serve, what changes or developments have you noticed recently?

Rebecca Cowles: Increased regulations on solvents, such as MEK, toluene and xylene. There is a change/shift from relying on traditional joining methods to trying newer methods.  The industry is hungry for how they can leverage new technologies to ultimately differentiate their end products.

Smithers Rapra: What are you most looking forward to by attending the conference in Munich in November?

Rebecca Cowles: Networking with TPU supplies to understand industry needs, offer sustainable solutions, and work together to create solutions.