Exclusive Interview with Mark Proudfoot from Renkert Oil

Smithers Rapra caught up with Mark Proudfoot ahead of this year's TPE World Summit to hear what he'll be discussing.

Smithers Rapra: Your presentation will look at high molecular weight extender oils in TPE, could you give us a brief insight into what this will cover?

Mark Proudfoot: My presentation is designed to measure the effect of Process Oil Molecular weight on fogging and oil migration.  This is very important for TPE in Automotive Interiors. Typically we compare flash points to estimate the fogging performance of process oils.  In this case we are testing very similar flash point, but significantly different MW in two process oils.

Smithers Rapra: What can the industry hope to learn from hearing your presentation?

Mark Proudfoot: This presentation should shed some light on the impact of higher MW oils and perhaps identify alternative materials that improve performance.  This can be helpful when the polymer contributes significantly to fogging.

Smithers Rapra: Within the industry you serve, what changes or developments have you noticed recently?

Mark Proudfoot: We serve many industries and see a growth of regulations and paperwork without corresponding benefits they are designed to provide.

Smithers Rapra: What are you most looking forward to by attending the conference in November?

Mark Proudfoot: As with all conferences, we learn what our customers and industry participants are thinking about and make contacts with informed professionals.  We hope to identify their needs and contacts to discuss further.