Interview with Annette Rüppel from UNIpace

Ahead of Silicone Elastomers and Thermoplastic Elastomers World Summit, we spoke to Annette Rüppel from UNIpace about the adhesion of LSR and polypropylene (PP) and her presentation at this year's event.

Smithers Rapra: You’ll be discussing the adhesion of LSR and polypropylene (PP), why is this an important technology to discuss? What can the knowledge from this be used for?

Annette Rüppel: Self-adhesive silicone types are very common, and contain additional organofunctional silanes. They function as a bonding agent between the inorganic SI-O chains of the silicone and the functional groups of the thermoplast. They are suitable for polyamides (PA6, PA66) or Polybutylenterephthalate. Due to the surface activation method, which I will present at the conference, it is also possible to combine bulk plastics such as PP with this silicone types. As a result, the application area of LSR thermoplastic composites can be further expanded in many areas.

Smithers Rapra: Why is it important to share your research with the rest of the industry?

Annette Rüppel: This surface activation is very interesting for the material manufacturers, as it enables several material combinations.

Smithers Rapra: Within the industry you serve, what changes or developments have you noticed recently?

Annette Rüppel: This opens doors to new areas of application (i.e., re-placing bonding of two materials) and represents opportunities to optimize already existing products. Furthermore, new material combinations enable cost savings for materials (compare PP at 2 Euro/kg and PA at 6 Euro/kg) and manufacturing (manufacturing is completed in one step). In the future, the manufacture of new material combinations may create new markets. The continuously newly developed variations create a future-oriented material, which can compete with conventionally employed material groups on the market. 

Smithers Rapra: What are you most looking forward to at the Silicone Elastomers World Summit 2017?

Annette Rüppel: I look forward to new contacts and exchange of ideas