Interview with Markus Putzer from Momentive

Markus Putzer from Momentive will be speaking at this year's Silicone Elastomers World Summit, discussing applications, features, usage and potential areas of growth in the silicone elastomers industry. We caught up with him to find out where he thinks the industry is heading.

Smithers Rapra: Your presentation gives an overview of the silicone elastomers industry, exploring applications, features, usage and potential areas of growth. Why is a general understanding of this important in order to move forward in this industry?

Markus Putzer: There is a lot of technical knowledge and background information needed to make a sustainable material selection within elastomers but also within the broad silicones offering. Material datasheets and product databases tested under standardized conditions rather contribute to confusion then to a fast solution of a dedicated application problem, since they give no information on peaks and real performance limits. Silicone elastomers have a very special set of features which can be translated into unique benefits in challenging application scenarios. Looking at the world-records of silicone elastomers let us focus on material limits and strengths in application challenges where no other sealing material is really suitable. A better understanding of the limits can spark new design ideas and development of yet undiscovered inventions. 

Smithers Rapra: Where do you think the industry is headed for the next 5 years? Why do you think this?

Markus Putzer: Since we are living in a world with accelerated speed of communication, financial and development cycles are shorter than they have been a decade ago. One bigger topic in the upcoming 5 years will be material advancements in medical applications based on an overall aging population and continuously improving healthcare standards globally. Another important item is reliable product quality allowing the same automation and robust manufacturing all over the world in line with the ongoing globalization of OEMs and applications. Additionally, the megatrends e-mobility in transportation and further customization in consumer goods and in the electronic industry will reveal great opportunities in silicone-based product development.

Smithers Rapra: What are you most looking forward to at the conference?

Markus Putzer: The Silicone Elastomer World Summit is an effective way to get a broad and interactive industry update in just 2 days. I am looking forward to meeting many people from our industry network and learning about news in materials, additives, technology and equipment. This will spark ideas for our next developments.