Lubrizol introduces flame-retardant medical-grade TPUs

The LifeScience Polymers business of materials company Lubrizol Corp. (Wickliffe, OH) has introduced what it is calling the first medical-grade thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) with flame-retardant properties. The company introduced the product to the North American market at the recently concluded Medical Design & Manufacturing Exhibition and Conference in New York City.

Lubrizol TPU"The growth in homecare products and electronic medical applications in general has created a need for a medical-grade flame-retardant material," says Robert Miller, Business Development Director, LifeScience Polymers. Lubrizol has fulfilled that demand with its new TPUs that are part of its Tecothane product line.

Tecothane TPUs are suited for equipment that has direct contact with electronic connections such as touch screen monitors, pressure cuffs, and EKG and sensor cables. The material withstands high heat and chemical sterilization cycles, and the company offers medical device OEMs biocompatibility data, change notification management, record retention, and regulatory and product compliance support.

The TPU can be extruded or injection molded, and is available in several grades and a range of end-effect properties including a matte finish, soft feel, and low dust tackiness.