How will silicone elastomers impact the digital revolution/3rd industrial revolution?

The Silicone Elastomers World Summit 2015 will feature various industry leading experts, including Dr. Dieter Wrobel, a Corporate Fellow at Momentive. He spoke to us about his upcoming abstract for the Summit and why silicone elastomers could be the material of choice for future advancements.

Dr. Dieter Wrobel is a PhD in inorganic chemistry and has worked in the silicone elastomer industry for over 15 years. He is currently a Corporate Fellow at silicone elastomer experts Momentive. His abstract discusses the features of silicone elastomers and will discuss some areas that are perceived as negative such as permeability: “Elastomers are often applied to seal or to protect something. So any permeation of aggressive chemical compounds - including water and oxygen - can’t be blocked. On the other hand ventilation is possible with silicone in contrast to other elastomers. Contact lens application is an example for high permeation need for oxygen, which is not possible without silicone.”

Fundamental technology changes are leading to innovative advancements in the industry: “The ICT - information and communication technology - revolution is driving fundamental technology changes, enabling totally new processes and solutions like self-driving cars.”

Dieter explains why silicone elastomers could be a key component of similar solutions: “The digital revolution, often called the 3rd industrial revolution, is not only software and virtual reality. The interaction/interface to human bodies need materials like silicone elastomers and the new machines/equipment for that are also material based. Silicone elastomers will be a material of choice because it is able to follow these fundamental changes as demonstrated in the past. Higher precision and more and more customized articles will be requested.”

Momentive have been key business players and experts for many years in the silicone elastomers industry. Dieter believes that conferences like this are vital, ensuring research and development is shared: “This Summit is important because it is entirely focused on silicone elastomers, whereas at other events silicone elastomers are only a nice addition. I am looking forward to hearing how broad the application “window” is now, what the future holds and what is provided from the processing industry, like injection moulding and mould design. Another aspect will be discussing the link between TPEs and silicone elastomers. It’s a good idea to have both conferences in parallel.”