Why is the Silicone Elastomers So Important to The Industry?

Rick Ziebell, Vice President of Technology at R.D. Abbott Company, discusses the key benefits on attending this year's exciting conference.

In advance of the Silicone Elastomers US Summit, Smithers Rapra spoke with leading advisory board member, Rick Ziebell, Vice President of Technology at R.D. Abbott Company to discuss the key benefits of attending this year's conference.

Q: Why is the Silicone Elastomers US Summit so important to the industry?

Rick Ziebell: The 2017 Silicone Elastomers US Summit is so important because it allows for attendees to stay ahead of technology trends and learn about new market developments in silicone and TPE technologies.

Q: What are you looking forward to most about the conference?

Rick Ziebell: I am looking forward to the format of sharing ideas in collaboration with other professionals sharing the same interests in one place.

Q: What impact will the make on the Silicone Elastomers and TPE US market?

Rick Ziebell: Amazing market growth potential rests on the development of key raw materials such as silicone and thermal-plastic elastomers, continuing their relevance in application, design, and user experience

Q: In your opinion, why should people attend this event?

Rick Ziebell: Attendees will gain first-hand knowledge of recently discovered technological improvements and process modernizations in a networking conference-style atmosphere that inspires discussion, and collaborative exchange of concerns and ideas.