Silicone Elastomers And TPE World Summits

For years, Smithers Rapra has delivered smart, impactful conferences for the Silicone Elastomer and Thermoplastic Elastomer industries, thus earning the reputation as the key thought leadership forum and "home" to all players across the industry within their respected sectors.

By co-locating the TPE and Silicone Elastomers Summits under one roof, with content offered concurrently, all participants are able to purchase one package to the Summit that most appeals, but enjoy unfiltered and complete access to the other as desired.

Each event maintains its tradition of laser-sharp focus on the core materials of either Silicone Elastomers or TPE, whilst providing delegates the ability to listen in on presentations and network with all participants from these sometimes competing materials - offering nearly double the return on opportunity.

About the Silicone Elastomers Summits

The Silicone Elastomers Summit brings together manufacturers, processors, end-users, designers and researchers for a summit-style technical discussion of silicone elastomer materials, global markets, processing advancements and novel applications.

Industrial and academic research staff and the customer users of silicone elastomers will explore the emerging applications, manufacturing techniques, processing improvements and testing advances that are moving this growing industry forward.

Past presenters have delivered truly outstanding content, and we have reworked and combined our global industry contacts into a singular, annual format to attract even deeper dialogue among OEMs, end users and academics.

The Silicone Elastomers World Summit covers the use of silicone elastomers in a wide range of industries– including applications in medical, automotive and industries yet to be fully exploited.  The programme will also touch on the whole range of silicone elastomer materials, including high temperature vulcanised (HTV), room temperature vulcanised (RTV), high consistency silicone rubber (HCR) and liquid silicone rubber (LSR).

About the Thermoplastic Elastomers Summits

This  gathering of the industry's leading material manufacturers, compounders, tier one and two suppliers and end users of thermoplastic elastomers will dive even deeper into high-growth end use applications such as healthcare, consumer electronics, industrial applications, automotive and a number of new opportunities.

The market drivers are primed: expanding automotive production, increased use of TPEs in the emerging markets of India, China and Brazil and the ongoing push for new material performance in the healthcare sector are all playing a part to significantly boost TPE demand and there is now optimism for new materials, technologies and applications.

Special attention will alos be paid to increasing bio-based content in TPEs in recognition of the widespread customer demand for improved sustainability.

With representation from the major TPE material suppliers and compounders from across the world, the Thermoplastic Elastomers Summits promise you innovative, application-driven papers from the TPE market leaders, unparalleled networking opportunities and access to the World’s key industry players.

Why attend the Silicone Elastomers and TPE World Summits?

By joining 250 global elastomers professionals at the "home" of the industry, you will:

  • Network, exchange ideas and build relationships with industry contacts, both old and new
  • Hear informative presentations providing up-to-date insight and innovations from across the full industry spectrum
  • Gain comprehensive advice and be the first to learn new ideas from the experts

No matter what level of the supply chain you operate in, everyone from end-users, suppliers and compounders through to manufacturers and academics will find something for them at this year's event! Come and see for yourself why Silicone Elastomers and TPE World Summits are known as the 'home' of the industry.

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