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"Very good event and mix of participants - meets need of US industry to get more information, especially for LSR technologies." Dow Corning  

Why does the industry turn to Silicone & TPE Elastomers Summit?

Thermoplastic and Silicone Elastomers US Summits are the only North American events dedicated to bringing together experts from both of these growing industries to discuss opportunities and find solutions to challenges facing the elastomers sector. 

2020 Sessions included:

  • Creating Elastomeric Parts with 3D & 4D Printing: Learn how 3D & 4D printing technologies are creating breakthroughs and advantages
  • Liquid Silicone Rubber Solutions: Hear innovative dialogue and technical perspectives regarding LSRs and how LSRs are shaping the future
  • Trends in Thermoplastic-based Materials: Gain a comprehensive overview of new developments and progress being made across the thermoplastic supply chain

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“The Elastomer Summit gave me insight in to what the OEM's and molders are working on and what type of solutions they require for the future.” Polyone

2020 Sponsors

Lion Elastomers
Patrick Ellis - Smithers

Patrick Ellis

Consultant at Smithers
Bob Pelletier - ELMET

Bob Pelletier

Sales USA dosing systems at ELMET
Marie Crane - DuPont

Marie Crane

Healthcare Market Leader & Healthcare Business Development at DuPont
Walter Voit - Adaptive3D Technologies

Walter Voit

CEO and Founder at Adaptive3D Technologies
Rigoberto Advincula - Case Western University

Rigoberto Advincula

Professor at Case Western University
James M. Eagan, Ph.D - The University of Akron

James M. Eagan, Ph.D

Assistant Professor, Department of Polymer Science at The University of Akron

2020 Agenda

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Creating Elastomeric Parts with 3D & 4D Printing
Session II: Liquid Silicone Rubber Solutions
Session III: Trends in Thermoplastic-based Materials

"I learned R&D areas the TPE industry is currently focusing on, in addition to the future directions to do research." Goodyear Tire & Rubber


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The virtual platform will make it simple to foster the same influential connections and learn the same important material as attendees would at an on-site event. Learn from instructors in real-time, just as if you're in a classroom setting. Virtually 'raise your hand' to ask questions, ensuring you get the answers you came for. The digital platform makes it easy to connect with other attendees before, during, and after the event.

"Smithers has always put on top notch events. I was first exposed to the Smithers Silicone Conference in Germany and after attending a few of their events in Europe, I was very pleased to see the events brought to the US. Smithers does a very good job of drawing in some of the best of the best of the silicone rubber business." RDAbbott