Registration and morning refreshments
Chair's opening remarks
Keynote: A collaborative approach to sustainability
Keynote: The road to a sustainable and circular value chain
  • The impact of human action on the planet
  • Green growth as a key value driver
  • How can businesses lead the transformation the world needs?

Joint presentation with Flore Andersen, Strategic Advisory Leader, Greenfish

Stephanie Kint | Waste and Circularity Solution Manager, Greenfish
Session 1: Trends in the automotive and transport industry
Adaptive-driving-beam headlights: A collaborative approach to efficient manufacturing of complex shapes optical LSR parts
  • Collaboration of industry leaders ELMET and DOW led to an efficient manufacturing of complex shaped primary silicone optics used in ADB headlights
  • Huge process window possible
  • Interaction of mold temperature, injection velocity and heating time

Hannes Rieger | Head of R&D, ELMET Elastomere Produktions- und Dienstleistungs-GmbH
Morning Networking Break
HCR compound developments to support powertrain electrification
  • Design Freedom - HCR Compound processing versatility and flexibility benefits
  • Customisation - Functionality extension in order to meet emerging market needs
  • Application - Examples of market drivers leading to HCR Compounds in emerging applications such as cable insulation, bus bar coating and lighting


Jason Treharne | EMEA Marketing Manager, Dow Consumer Solutions
Update on regulatory developments for silicones (Presentation)
  • Regulatory situation in the EU
  • Global regulatory developments
  • Industry initiatives

Philipp Sauer | Public Affairs Manager, Cefic – CES-Silicones Europe
Chair: To be confirmed
Networking Lunch
Case Study
Speaker to be confirmed
Session 2: Advancements in silicone elastomer technology
Silicone sealant for extended tire mobility
  • Innovative room-temperature-vulcanization (RTV) self-sealing silicone elastomer enabling immediate sealing of tire tread in case of puncture on the road, preventing loss of air pressure
  • Offer car OEMs to save space and weight since no spare tire is necessary anymore
  • Additional benefits in terms of processing efficiency for tire manufacturers and ease of recycling tires at end of their life

Francois de Buyl | TS&D Fellow, Dow Mobility & Transportation
State of the art in testing of silicone rubber parts
  • Presentation of high-resolution mechanical testing opportunity for information about physical properties and state of curing on finished parts
  • Usage of different GC/MS-Methods for evaluation of siloxane outgassing (D5 – D9)
  • Overview over principal functionality of applied test methods and concrete application examples

Timo Richter | Managing Director, O-Ring Prüflabor Richter GmbH
Carbon dioxide cleaning for silicones
  • SCD technology for extraction of volatiles and leachables out of silicone parts below detection limit
  • Low energy impact compared to post curing with at least similar or better results
  • Cleaning inside storage bags possible to reduce environment impact for sensitive silicone parts
  • SCD can complement existing post curing technologies in case special requirements are needed after treatment

Leopold Pühringer | Manager Research and Development, Starlim
Surface modification of injection moulded LSR-optics
Afternoon Networking Break
The combination of textiles and silicones is a great deal!
  • From fiber to textiles
  • How to combine Textiles and Silicones?
  • Application examples: Fire resistance, heat stability, cold flexibility, FDA/BfR, special structures/surfaces

Stefan Hanisch, Head of Research and Development, PolymerTechnik Ortrand GmbH
Session 3: Digital transformation as a driver for growth & change
Simulation of high strain silicone rubber applications with viscoelastic material behaviour
  • FEM simulation of high consistency rubbers (HCR)
  • Simulation Software ABAQUS and MCalibration
  • Tensile load, Mullins and and stress relaxation tests
  • Hyper elasticity and viscoelasticity

Niklas Riemann | phd candidate / R&D Manager, B. Braun Melsungen AG
Reliable simulation requires excellence in material data
  • Dependable results require sound material data input
  • Materials, like HCR silicone, which are difficult to measure need extra data validation
  • Data validation by combining simulation and test trials
  • Validated datasets of HCR silicone provide reliable simulation results for complex shapes

Vanessa Frekers | Engineering & Marketing, SIGMA Engineering GmbH
Chair's summary and end of day one
Networking drinks reception
17:30 - 19:15 Joint with Thermoplastic Elastomers World Summit drinks reception
Morning refreshments
Chair's opening remarks
Session 4: A spotlight on renewable materials
Sustainable mold cleaning in LSR using dry ice
  • Lowering GHG emissions using dry ice
  • Improving OEE Scores (Availability & Quality)
  • Extending the asset life of the mold and preventing flash
  • Improving worker safety & plant environment
  • Working knowledge of the dry ice cleaning science and process

Dietmar Juchmes | Vice President of Business Development & Sales, Cold Jet
Pave the way for a better future, now! Eco-friendly sealants as an alternative
  • Silicone sealants protect against water ingress, provide good weatherability and insulation to avoid unnecessary energy and heat loss
  • Vertically integrated production cycle allows us to replace conventional methanol by certified renewable bio-methanol in our production
  • Mid-term milestone plan has been developed to reduce the footprint of the whole sealant and the packaging

Axel Schmidt | Director Hybrids and Sealants, EMEA/LATAM, Wacker Silicones
Silicones – solutions for a sustainable world
  • Silicones’ contributions to enable sustainability goals
  • Insights from the automotive sector
  • Case study

Oliver Mersmann | Global Director Government & Industry Relations, Momentive
Morning Networking Break
Session 5: Breakthrough developments in applications
Novel use cases for silicone elastomers
  • What is Disney Imagineering?
  • What is advanced audio animatronics?
  • How does silicone play a part in telling stories at Disney?

Angela Orovets | Senior R&D Imagineer, Walt Disney Imagineering
Session 6: Silicone elastomers for medical and healthcare applications
Technological innovations in extrusion of silicone tubing
  • Extruder technology
  • Silicone extrusion heads
  • Curing techniques and setups and the options that can be integrated
  • Inline coiling and cutting
  • Centralized line control  

Justin McKenna | Product Manager – Pipe, Profile, Tubing and Elastomer, Davis-Standard Group
Networking Lunch
Sustainable and reliable processes for mixing, extrusion and straining of silicone rubber compounds
  • Process technological basics for mixing, straining and extrusion of silicone compounds 
  • The practical realization in different machine configurations like a conical twin-screw extruder or a combination of conical twin screw and single screw for especially abrasive compound 
  • A new possible process technology in the form of the Two-Roll Plasticizer (TRP) for gentle and effective mixing of silicone will be shown 

Michael Schwab | Sales Engineer and Head of Technical Center, UTH GmbH
Session 7: Emerging materials and production methods
Air influence and treatment in post-curing ovens
  • Required air exchange rates in LSR post-curing
  • Energy efficiency – heat recovery
  • Treatment of VOCs in exhaust air

Stefan Betz | Product Manager - Heat Technology, Weiss Technik GmbH
Polyketones as a new hard component in thermoplastic/LSR composites
  • Two shot injection molding
  • Adhesion
  • Surface activation
  • Food contact and drinking water approved

Michael Hartung | Head of Department, University Kassel
Guided wave technology – new possibilities for the continuous production of silicone products
  • Continuous vulcanization
  • Non-polar materials
  • Energy concentration
  • Heating from inside

Michael Drach | Head of Development, Gerlach Maschinenbau GmbH
Chair's summary and close of conference

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