Crosslinking Peroxides for Silicone Elastomers

The process of peroxide crosslinking for high temperature vulcanization (HTV) silicone rubber compounds can be executed using different types of organic peroxides. Due to the wide array of products in the organic peroxide and silicone rubber spectrum, there are numerous options to meet specific process and market requirements. Unfortunately, the wide choice of products does also lead to some confusion due to poor understanding of the curative.

During day 2 of the Silicone Elastomers World Summit, Leo Nijhof a global technical development Manager at Nouryon will be presenting on crosslinking peroxides and polymer additives. To simplify the selection of the appropriate organic peroxide, Leo’s presentation will emphasize the properties of general-purpose and vinyl-specific peroxides. The characteristics of the most significant organic peroxides utilized in the production of silicone rubber articles will be underscored, with a particular focus on a halogen-free general-purpose peroxide. This presentation aims to provide a more detailed explanation of the chemistry involved in the curing process. It will also highlight and discuss the significance of vinyl units in the "addition cure process" of silicone rubbers.

Leo’s presentation brings together his 30 years of experience in the polymer industry and his expert insights into the support of organic peroxides, applied as crosslinking curatives for a variety of polymers, rubbers and specialty elastomers.

To hear more about the crosslinking peroxides and to gain further insights on silicone elastomers, join us at the Silicone Elastomers World Summit on 28-29th November in Amsterdam. Other presentations during the development in processing session include:

· HTV/HCR silicone rubber processing - smart solutions for metering and injection moulding | Markus Heindl, Sales, ACH Solution GmbH

· Understand and Predict Shrinkage of Silicones | Timo Gebauer, Executive Manager, SIGMA Engineering GmbH

· Review of relevant standards for post-curing ovens | Stefan Betz, Product Manager - Heat Technology, Weiss Technik GmbH

With speakers from reputable companies Honeywell Aerospace, Turtle Petals, Dow Silicones, Aptiv and more, the agenda is bursting with insights, helping the conference be the most exceptional one to date. Find out more about the agenda here.