Speaker Interview with Philipp Sauer

60 seconds with Philipp Sauer, Public Affairs Manager of CES-Silicones Europe

You're going to be presenting on “Update on regulatory developments for silicones” can you give a sneak peek of what people will hear about?

My presentation will concentrate on the latest regulatory developments related to silicones within the European Union (EU) and beyond. This will be complemented by a discussion on the silicone industry’s contribution to our digitally enabled green future.

What are some of the biggest challenges faced when it comes to silicone regulations?

In the EU, the industry is faced with several regulatory measures specific to silicones. Notably, this includes the ongoing procedure for the restriction of the three cyclosiloxanes (D4, D5, and D6).

Given the critical role of silicones as enablers for green and digital technologies like batteries, semiconductors, renewable energies, and robotics it is key that the EU ensures a well-calibrated regulation that recognises the unique properties and value of silicones.

Why do you feel it is important for people to attend Silicone Elastomer World Summit 2022?

Attending the Silicone Elastomer World Summit 2022 is of course a major opportunity to gain practical and technical insights into the latest advancements in the industry and learn about relevant changes in the regulatory environment.

Importantly, it is also the chance to hear how silicone elastomers are empowering our transition to a green, digitally enabled future.