2019 Agenda

Take a look at the 2019 agenda, which brought experts to the front of the industry with thought-provoking and beneficial presentations!

Tuesday 26 November

Tuesday 26 November 2019

  1. Registration and morning refreshments

  2. Chair’s opening remarks


  1. Keynote: Data driven footwear customisation using 3D printable LSR

    Patrizio Carlucci | Head of Innovation Lab of ECCO Shoes

  2. Silicone elastomers in changing times

    Heiko Bayerl | Marketing Manager Elastomers Automotive Europe of Momentive Performance Materials GmbH, Germany


  1. Production transparency - a relief but also a challenge

    Cordula Wieland | Product Manager of KraussMaffei Technologies GmbH

  2. Networking break

  3. Injection molding of optical components

    Thomas Kottler | Project Engineer (Application Engineering Centre) of Sumitomo (SHI) Demag Plastics Machinery GmbH

  4. Optimisation of a 2K molding process with virtual molding

    Vanessa Frekers | Engineering & Manager Marketing of SIGMA Engineering GmbH

  5. Success factor process stability in LSR processing - the way to ZERO DEFECT

    Thomas Treml | Operations Manager of NEXUS Elastomer Systems GmbH

  6. Using UV-light for silicone processing methods

    Ralf-Urs Giesen | Managing Director of Universität Kassel – UNIpace

  7. Networking lunch


  1. New platinum-based hydrosilylation catalyst compound with improved shelf-stability

    Anna del Pino López | Industrial PhD Student of IQS-URL’s Grup d’Enginyeria de Materials and Venair Ibérica

  2. The latest HCR silicone mixing and extrusion technologies

    Dr. Ing. Giovanni Colombo | Sales Director of COLMEC SPA

  3. Networking break


  1. Effects of silicone degradation in high-performance LEDs

    Fabian Stoeger | Ph.D. candidate of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors

  2. Antimicrobial additives in silicones

    Rick Ziebell | Vice President of Technology and Technical Fellow of R.D.Abbott Company, Inc.

    A study of antimicrobial technology in silicones. Quaternary ammonium compounds (QAC) havealready been incorporated into US-FDA cleared dental devices intended for long term human contact, is evaluated to show its quorum-quenching effectiveness. This unique technologyis now available from NovationSi as NovaSperse® silicone dispersions. Theseantimicrobial additives to LSR and HCR silicones, can providelong-lasting antibacterial, antifungal, and in some cases, antiviral protection. By as much as a four-log reduction (1:10,000) in microbial counts (as compared to control), many human diseases that spread through indirect contact transmission are significantly reduced. Thetechnology is based on a quaternary ammonium silane that achieves contact-killing suppression by disrupting the microbe’s cell wall before it firmly attachesto apolymer, thereby allowing easy removal of biofilms leaving a biologically clean surfacesuitable for industrial and healthcare applications.NovaSperse®Antimicrobial additives for LSR and HCR silicones.NovaSperse®is aclear–non-discoloring, easy to use additivefor silicones.Contact killing performance through suppression of indirect contact vectors.


  3. Impact of synthetic amorphous silica on key properties of silicone elastomers

    Wojciech Pisula | Head of Applied Technology Silicone of Evonik Industries

  4. Chair’s closing remarks

  5. Networking drinks reception

    17:45 - 19:15 Networking drinks reception

Wednesday 27 November

Wednesday 27 November 2019

  1. Registration and morning refreshments

  2. Chair’s opening remarks


  1. Special requirements for silicone parts in medical technology

    Florian Lemke | Advanced Procurement Engineer of Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA

  2. Optical LSR for enabling innovation in LED lighting applications

    Francois De Buyl | Principal Technical Service & Development Scientist, Silicones Elastomers of Dow Silicones Belgium sprl

  3. The world’s first fully sensorial resistance band

    Hanno Storz | COO & Co-founder of STRAFFR GmbH

  4. Function meets design – creation of the cell phone-holder “Butterfly”

    Kurt Manigatter | CEO of ELMET GmbH

  5. Networking break

  6. Shaping 1601 : the next revolution of silicone manufacturing

    Anthony Pellafol | Laboratory Manager of STERNE

  7. Additives for durable, fast and accurate laser markings in silicones

    Fabian Blumenschein | Development Engineer of Merck KGaA

  8. Tailoring the surface properties of silicones by using vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) lamps

    Laura Schilinsky | Scientific Assistant of Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials IFAM

  9. Networking lunch


  1. Keynote: Challenges for plastics in the field of E-mobility

    Dr.-Ing. Martin Giersbeck | Vice President Plastics Engineering, Corporate Sector Research and Advance Engineering of Robert Bosch GmbH

  2. The future of TPEs and Silicone Elastomers in EVs

    Patrick Ellis | Consultant of Smithers

    Rapra Logo


  1. User manuals of the future – understandable for everyone

    Wolfgang Leitner | Film Maker of iVersteh e.U.

  2. Chair’s closing remarks

  3. End of conference