Silicone Elastomers World Summit Programme 2018

Day 1 - 27 November

Tuesday 27 November

  1. Registration and Welcome Refreshments

  2. Chair's Opening Remarks

    Giorgio Cabrini | Commercial Director & Board Member of MESGO S.p.A

Regulation and innovation - what is on the horizon for silicone elastomers?

  1. Silicones – inspiring innovation, making things work better

    Dr Pierre Germain | Secretary General of CES - Silicones Europe

    • Update on current regulations
    • Silicone elastomers market overview
    • The future of silicone elastomer innovations (energy efficiency, technological advancements and much more)
  2. Low is the new high - from market trends to product innovations

    Patrick Beyer | R&D Scientist of Dow Silicones Deutschland GmbH

    • Market and regulatory drivers 
    • LSR innovations for evolving requirements 
    • Future trends towards sustainability
  3. New developments for low temperature LSR moulding

    Ted Johnson | Senior Staff Chemist of Elkem Silicones

    • Need for low temperature moulding 
    • A look at available materials
    • Methods and results of tests 
  4. Networking Refreshments Break

Updates in process and application developments in LSR

  1. Trends in two-component injection moulding with Liquid Silicone Rubber – solutions for innovative material combinations

    Clemens Trumm | Global Manager Application Development Center of Momentive Performance Materials

    • The idea behind self-bonding liquid silicone rubber
    • Material combinations for different market segments
    • Trends to new resins require new LSR technologies
    • UV LSR curing for two component technology
  2. State of the art metering and mixing systems for LSR

    Kurt Manigatter | CEO of ELMET GmbH

    • New technologies in mixing LSR
    • Increasing flexibility in usage of the system
    • Possibilities and future ideas for metering and mixing systems
  3. Networking Lunch

  4. Micro injection moulding in LSR technology

    Pascal Spohn | Application Engineer of Arburg

    • Basics in LSR technology
    • What is micro injection moulding?
    • LSR machine technology  for micro injection moulding
  5. Practical three-dimensional (3D) printing of LSR

    Rick Ziebell | Vice President of Technology of R.D.Abbott Company, Inc.

    • Liquid additive manufacturing – how 3D printing techniques bring rapid prototyping to include fit, form, and now functional evaluation
    • How design engineers can now take the design from concept to test article in a few days
    • Review of studies evaluating the side-by-side comparisons of printed lab specimens (slabs and buttons) to moulded
  6. Implementing complex LSR moulding from a white piece of paper – from design idea to a working turnkey system with no second chances

    Oliver Franssen | Global Marketing Director Elastomers Transportation of Momentive Performance Materials GmbH


    Carlo Gessert, Works Manager, Emde MouldTec GmbH

    Manuel Schmellenkamp, Technical Sales Manager, Sigma Engineering GmbH

    Wolfgang Roth, Manager Application Engineering, Wittmann Battenfeld GmbH


    Chaired by: Oliver Franssen, Global Marketing Director, Elastomers Transportation, Momentive Performance Materials GmbH


    • Part idea “pot cloth” - LSR production concept
    • Design iterations and virtual prototyping, DOEs
    • Prediction of processing window, comparison to reality
    • Integration of robot and pump to fully automated LSR moulding cell
  7. Networking Refreshments Break

Updates in process and application developments with HCR

  1. Development of an optimised screw design for silicone extruder considering wall slip behaviour

    Michael Drach | Elastomer Injection Moulding of Institute of Plastics Processing (IKV), Aachen University

    • Moving from empirical values for the design of screws for silicone rubber extruders
    • Determination of the rheological material behaviour of silicones
    • Extension of a an existing screw model by wall slip behaviour
  2. Development of the concept for compounding of HCR silicones

    Nils Spier | Project Manager Systems of HF Mixing Group

    • Tandem mixing concept generating throughput increases by advanced processing know-how
    • Optimised and customised mixing line concepts from upstream to downstream equipment
    • Retrofit solutions – integration of concept into existing mixing lines
    • Development of holistic automation solutions
  3. Chair's Conference Summary & Closing Remarks

    Giorgio Cabrini | Commercial Director & Board Member of MESGO S.p.A

  4. Networking Drinks Reception


Wednesday 28 November

  1. Registration & Welcome Refreshments

  2. Chair's Opening Remarks

    Dr. Hans Peter Wolf | Manager Research & Development, Silicone Rubber of Dow Silicones Deutschland GmbH

New trends and technologies

  1. Silicone rubber for energy harvesting: material and process development and testing of dielectric elastomers

    Johannes Ziegler | Team Manager Material Development of Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC

    • Using electro active polymers (EAP) for energy harvesting
    • A novel way of converting motion energy into electrical energy
  2. Silicone foams to reduce part weight, save material and increase insulation properties

    Svenja Marl | Scientific Assistant of UNIpace

    • Foamed silicone components from LSR using expandable thermoplastic microspheres
    • Injection molding of LSR
    • Reduction in weight of approx. 50%
  3. Non post-cured low volatile solutions – a new chapter in the LSR market

    Claudia Berghammer | Senior Marketing Manager of Wacker Chemie AG


    Claudia Berghammer, Senior Marketing Manager, Wacker Chemie AG

    Dr. Thomas Frese, Manager Technical Marketing from Wacker Chemie AG 

    • Non post-cured LSR
    • Low volatile
    • Future possibilities 
  4. Networking Refreshments Break

  5. How big data could improve the silicone moulding process

    Stefan Rönisch | Global Manufacturing Engineering Manager LSR of Aptiv

    • Industrial 4.0 in the silicone world
    • Why analysing, overlapping & sharing of Big Data could improve the moulding process
    • Potential value of the new liquid gold
  6. LSR – advanced technologies: highly transparent optical applications & benefits of industry 4.0

    Armin Mattes | Senior Area Sales Manager of Engel

    • Multicomponent moulding
    • LSR optical lenses
    • Increase of accuracy and efficiency by using developments of industry 4.0
  7. Networking Lunch

The future of the automotive industry

  1. The future of autonomous and electric vehicles: challenges and opportunities for thermoplastic and silicone elastomers

    Patrick Ellis | Consultant of Smithers Rapra

    • High market growth for electric vehicles – Europe leads innovation
    • Need for common regulatory standards, demand for high-heat resistance TPE and dielectric elastomers
    • The future of silicone elastomer-based TPEs
  2. Modern high-tech elastomers: requirements for suppliers

    Dr Marc Kreye | Materials Technology Polymers, Deputy Groupleader Group Powertrain and Chassis of Volkswagen

    • Material trends in automotive parts
    • Globalisation and platforms: technological challenges
    • Today’s and future requirements for suppliers
  3. Serving the latest automotive trends with sustainable and innovative TPE compounds

    Thomas Koeppl | Group Product Manager of HEXPOL TPE

    • Automotive trends and their correlation to TPE compounds
    • Sustainable TPE from bio-based or post-consumer recyclate sources
    • Low emission TPE for interior soft touch and functional parts
  4. Chair's Conference Summary & Closing Remarks

    Oliver Franssen | Global Marketing Director Elastomers Transportation of Momentive Performance Materials GmbH

  5. End of Conference