Silicone Elastomers World Summit Programme 2017

Tuesday 28 November

Tuesday 28 November

  1. Registration and welcome refreshments

  2. Chair's opening remarks

Positioning silicone elastomers in the rubber industry

  1. The world-record of silicones: Innovations powered by a unique elastomer

    Dr. Markus Putzer | Director, Global Technology Leader Elastomers & Technology Site Leader of Momentive Performance Materials GmbH

    • Structure of silicone elastomers
    • Unique features – only possible with silicone
    • Optional features
    • Benefits of new applications
    • Growth potentials outside of rubber industry
  2. Low temperature cure LSR – redefining boundaries of LSR technology

    Patrick Beyer | Product Development Chemist of Dow Silicones Deutschland GmbH

    • Definition and benefits of low temperature thermal cure
    • Cure and rheology – a perfect match
    • Injection molding process studies and simulation
    • Low temperature cure acceleration – extending the limits
    • Applications, solutions and outlook
  3. Silicone elastomers: from thermal resistance to thermal degradation

    Aurore Jolivet | Technical Service Manager for Rubber and Electrical Industry of Bluestar Silicones International

    • Silicone elastomers applications overview around thermal stability and fire resistance
    • Structure – activity relationship to achieve high thermal stability and fire resistance
    • Formulations optimization to deliver the best performance compromise
  4. Networking refreshment break

  5. High consistency rubber in high performance applications

    Christian Anger | Technical Manager Rubber Solutions of WACKER

  6. Process Technique Developments: roll-ex ® gear pump technology – the gentle solution for compounding, fine mesh straining and precise extrusion of silicone elastomers

    Winfried Trost | Business Area Manager Rubber Extrusion Systems of UTH GmbH

    • Function principle and process technological basics
    • Straining and extrusion applications
    • Silicone compounding with roll-ex MDSE

Advanced research and development updates

  1. Advancements in adhesion of fluorinated liquid silicone rubber (F-LSR) to substrates

    Rick Ziebell | Vice President of Technology of R.D.Abbott Company, Inc.

    • A study of F-LSR adhesion to thermoplastic and metal substrates – using 100% F-LSR grades
    • An overmolding process review showing the steps necessary for manufacture
    • Bond pull-testing evaluations results in heat, moisture, and automotive fuel
  2. The extrusion process of high consistency silicone rubber

    Fabian Verheyen | Scientific Assistant of University of Kassel

    • High consistency silicone rubber
    • Analysis of the extrusion process
    • Comparison of different die conceptions and their effect on the die-swell behaviour
  3. Networking lunch

  4. The adhesion of LSR and polypropylene (PP)

    Annette Rüppel | Scientific Assistant of University of Kassel

    • LSR, adhesion, polypropylene, surface activation
  5. Achieving optimal process parameters for elastomeric applications by virtual molding

    Manuel Schmellenkamp | Technical Sales Manager of SIGMA Engineering GmbH

    • Simulation is often covering only a single process point
    • New approach covers fill process window and gives optimal process point as solution
  6. Silicone and fluoro silicone electrically conductive for future applications

    Ivano Soliani | CEO of Soliani

  7. Networking refreshment break


  1. Colour and safeguard your liquid silicone rubber for medical applications with biologicaly tested and change controlled special solutions

    Beate Treffler | Regional Head Europe, Segment Healthcare Polymer Solutions of Clariant

    • Colour and safeguard your liquid silicone rubber for medical applications
    • Safety and reliability of the medical device over the device’s whole life cycle
    • Encounter and manage risks which come along the supply chain
    • More complex regulations 
  2. How pigments, fillers and additives can enhance the properties of silicones

    Dr. Raman Rabindranath | Polychemist, GSDI Specialty Dispersions of PolyOne Corporation

  3. Chair's closing remarks

  4. Networking drinks reception

Wednesday 29 November

Wednesday 29 November

  1. Delegate sign-in and welcome refreshments

  2. Chair's opening remarks

The view of the OEM

  1. The future of elastomers in the automotive sector: New developments and requirements

    Marika Falciano, Materials Specialist and Luca Rovej, Senior Materials Specialist, Chrysler

    • General Introduction
    • Elastomers in the automotive
    • New future developments
    • Silicon and fluorosilicon applications
  2. Development of silicone rubber solutions for transport applications

    Joseph Hallett | Senior Development Chemist of Fenner Precision

    • Why silicone rubber is required for transport applications
    • Material considerations vs. customer requirements
    • Case study of the development of a product for a rail gangway application
  3. Moulded LSR opticslin innovative headlamp systems

    Tilman Maucher | Project Manager of Hella GmbH & Co. KGaA

    • LSR technology in vehicle lighting: development, advantages, market
    • Transparent liquid silicone
    • Material properties and processing
    • Combined primary and front-mounted optics from LSR
    • Primary optics from LSR in series head
  4. Networking refreshment break

  5. Silicones as encapsulation for flexible LED-Modules

    Martin Reiss | Materials Manager of OSRAM

  6. Optimised surface pre-treatment for silicon-metal parts

    Klaus Milde | CTO of R.E.T. REIFF Elastomertechnik

    • Benefit of silicon-metal parts
    • Examples for silicon-metal parts in automotive industry
    • Actual used pre-treatment methods and their advantages/disadvantages
    • New technology – laser pre-treatment
    • Details about technology and sample parts
    • Example for implementing laser technology in production cell
  7. The future of silicone in cable industry

    Ebru Erefe | Project Leader of Basoglu Kablo

  8. Networking lunch

LSR and injection moulding

  1. LSR injection molding: From preliminary analysis to mass production: continuous improvement and performance factors

    Marco Canova | Sales of Silikoneurope

    • New project: analysis and solutions bearing in mind critical aspects including functionality, LSR sealing, finally assembley, mass production orientation, post processing
    • Instruments: mould project and construction/process industrialisation/dedicated human resources
    • Prototype phase
    • Improvements in mass production including examples
  2. Fully automatic production cells for 2K applications, a trend for LSR/Thermoplastic solutions

    Kurt Manigatter | CEO of ELMET Elastomere Produktions- und Dienstleistungs-GmbH

    Kurt Manigatter
  3. Innovative system solutions for processing LSR in multi-component technology

    Pascal Spohn | Application Engineer of Arburg

    • Basics in LSR machine technology, material feeding and cylinder modules
    • Process and multi-component solutions
    • Application examples – extensive know how for practical applications
  4. What’s wrong with Silicone DFM!

    Victor Morando | Chief Technical Officer of Dymotek

    • Traditional approach to designing products for advanced LSR molding has some problems
    • Changing the paradigm for designing with multi-material yields improved results
    • LSR knowledge is limited and ripe for opportunity 
  5. Multi-shot molding with LSR – from fiction to reality

    Markus Landl | Head of International Business Development of Rico Group

  6. Chair's closing remarks and close of conference