UNIpace Polymer Application Centre

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The Institute of Material Engineering at the University of Kassel is divided into three departments: Metal Engineering, Quality & Reliability and Polymer Engineering. Since 2008 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Peter Heim has been head of the department Polymer Engineering. The field of work focuses on plastic process technology, lightweight construction and material composites.     

In 2013 a new division called UNIpace was founded. This polymer application center mainly deals with the processing of elastomers and especially silicone rubber. Liquid silicone rubber (=LSR) is processed in the injection molding process and the multi-component injection molding process in combination with various thermoplastics. High consistency rubber (=HCR) is preprocessed by the help of a mixer and normally processed during extrusion or compression molding. Besides processing silicone rubber is extensively distinguished by a large number of different testing methods (impact resilience, hardness, tear resistance, IR-spectroscopy, capillary rheometer, RPA, e.g.).

Nowadays UNIpace has six scientific assistants, two technical staff members and numerous student associates. The application center works together with over 30 companies worldwide.

For more information, see www.unipace.de