Speaker Interview with Flore Andersen

60 seconds with the Strategic Advisory Lead for Greenfish

You're going to be presenting on “The road to a sustainable and circular value chain” can you give a sneak peek of what people will hear about?

We hope to give a good understanding to the audience of what sustainability means and why it is such a complex issue to solve, but also to give some concrete steps that every company can take to step from commitment to action.

Why is it so important for all organizations to prioritize sustainability?

Our time is limited. Just looking at climate change, based on our current emissions rate, scientists estimate that we have between 4 to 15 years left before we reach our carbon budget. It is imperative for all of us to act now. And people are, more and more, turning to businesses to take the lead on societal issues. This is therefore a great opportunity to take an active role in creating the world we believe in.

What are your top tips for sustainable business practice?

Measure your impact. Sustainability is a complex and interconnected topic, often with unexpected rebound effects. Understanding your current impact and the impact of your actions will help you make the best decision possible and avoid greenwashing claims.

Dedicate resources to the task. Understanding the impact of business decisions takes time, energy, and money.

Why do you feel it is important for people to attend TPE & Silicone Elastomer World Summit 2022?

The current challenges that our society faces will only be solved through collaboration and partnerships. What better place than a world summit to network and lay the foundations for such collaboration?