Speaker Interview with Pierre Furtwengler

60 seconds on the Automotive industry and the upcoming TPE conference

You're going to be presenting on “TPE opportunities towards carbon neutral vehicles” can you give a sneak peek of what people will hear about? 

People will hear about Renault decarbonation strategy and expectation of Renault Group from material supplier for new mobility

What are the trends and developments that will redefine TPE use in electric vehicles over the next 5 years? 

Several trends have been identified for automotive. We can think of the increase of recycled content in TPE, TPE with electrical insulation and/or flame retardancy properties for electrical vehicles, TPE compatibility with fuel cells applications.

Why is it important for every business to have a sustainable/bio-based strategy? 

These strategies are mandatory to follow EU guidelines and ensure the future

Why do you feel it is important for people to attend TPE World Summit 2022? 

The TPE World Summit is one of the rare events dedicated only to TPE in EU where you can meet and exchange with key suppliers and end users of such material. Topic such as market trends, and new development or needs are generally expose during the talks and be deeper developed during the networking session of the event between partners.