Thermoplastic Elastomers World Summit Programme 2018


Tuesday 27 November

  1. Registration & Welcome Refreshments

  2. Chair's Opening Remarks

    Patrick Ellis | Consultant of Smithers Rapra

The global TPE market - challenges and opportunities

  1. Emerging trends and innovation needs in TPE markets

    Suresh Swaminathan | Executive Vice President of Teknor Apex

    • Innovating to ensure the stability and long-term growth of the industry
    • The role of polymer suppliers, compounders, converters, and brand owners
    • Challenging the traditional assumptions and practices prevalent in the industry today
  2. Global elastomer outlook and impact of the Middle East

    Xuesong Peng | Senior Consultant of Nexant Energy & Chemicals Advisory

    • Elastomer market dynamics
    • TPE overview
    • Middle East development
  3. New aspects of thermoplastic elastomers

    Guenter Scholz | Product Development Elastomers of BASF Polyurethanes

    • Introductions to TPE
    • Recommendation on ISO 18064 - nomenclature
    • Analysing the elastic behaviour of TPE
  4. Networking Refreshments Break

Towards a new generation of TPE: compliance, cost and cutting-edge innovation

  1. A bio-based hydrogenated farnesene styrenic copolymer

    Nobuhiro Miwa | Technical Service Manager of Kuraray

    • How bio-based hydrogenated styrene farnesene copolymer exhibits significant performance comparted to conventional TPEs
    • Showcasing excellent grip performance with high bio content
    • High damping property in wide temperature range
  2. Enhanced electromechanical properties of thermoplastic elastomer actuators

    Christopher Ellingford | PhD Researcher of University of Warwick

    • Intrinsically tuning electromechanical properties of dielectric elastomers
    • Mechanical and electrical-self healing behaviour
    • Energy generation and storage
  3. Networking Lunch

  4. Towards a new generation of elastomers

    Sebastien Merzlic | Market Development Engineer of Arkema Technical Polymers

    • High-performance thermoplastic elastomers for functional or decorative parts in consumer goods
    • Silky touch with improved durability (stain, abrasion, UV resistance) for long-lasting comfort & aesthetics
    • Sustainable chemistry to support the ever-growing public demand for more eco-friendly devices
  5. Application of thermoplastic elastomers in razor systems

    Stefan Knoll | Vice President Engineering of HARRY´s Feintechnik GmbH Eisfeld

    • Harry´s at a Glance
    • Integration of different functionalities
    • Requirements for TPE in future product 
  6. Bringing two worlds closer together

    Dr Frieder Vielsack | Head of Advance Development of KRAIBURG TPE GmbH

    • Thermoplastic elastomer hybrids
    • Thermoplastic alternatives for common rubber applications
    • New TPE-solutions for demanding applications
  7. Networking Refreshments Break

Use of TPE in medical devices

  1. Requirements for Medical TPE Grades – Launch of a new VDI-Guideline

    Dr Stefan Roth | Professor of Product Development/Design & Head of Material Innovation of University of Applied Sciences Schmalkalden

    • Defining the requirements for medical grades
    • Development of the new guideline and the essential requirements to be covered by a medical grade
    • How this approach can be transferred to other fields of industry and application with high requirements in safety, i.e. automotive and aeronautic
  2. TPU-based catheters for in-situ micro blood pumps Impella – how to meet requirements and design realisation

    Dr Claudia Mourran | Senior Scientist Biological and Biochemical Affairs of Abiomed Europe

    • The Impella® platform
    • The new Impella® catheter
    • Product features
  3. Chair's Conference Summary & Closing Remarks

    Dr Stefan Roth | Professor of Product Development/Design & Head of Material Innovation of University of Applied Sciences Schmalkalden

  4. Networking Drinks Reception


Wednesday 28 November

  1. Registration & Welcome Refreshments

  2. Chair's Opening Remarks

    Dr Krishna Venkataswamy | Vice President, Business Development and Technical Marketing of Star Thermoplastic Alloys & Rubbers, Inc.

Material innovation

  1. Novel developments in vibration damping TPEs

    Dirk von Falkenhayn | Senior Technology Manager Europe of PolyOne Corporation

    • Impact - Vibration ­– Noise: the need for vibration damping technology
    • How the latest technologies are leading to a significantly better high temperature compression set
    • Energy dissipation, broad damping temperature range and effectiveness at both vibration and acoustic frequency
  2. Leveraging smart materials

    Marcus Taylor | CEO of Silent Sensors

    • Finding the right materials for smart rubber
    • Why focus initially on the tyre industry?
    • Rubber is so much more than tyres – looking at the wider applications of smart rubber
    • The Philosopher’s Stone – creating the inlay patch which can withstand curing rubber!
  3. Introduction of an innovative hydrogenated styrenic thermoplastic elastomer

    Hiroyuki Ichino | R&D Team Leader of Asahi Kasei Corporation

    • Asahi Kasei’s innovative hydrogenated styrenic thermoplastic elastomer
    • Features and properties
    • Application examples
  4. Networking Refreshments Break

  5. Crosslinked-POE-based elastic fibers: designing properties to meet diverse needs and applications

    Lorenza Gardella | R&D Manager of XLANCE s.r.l.

    • A unique, polyolefin-based, elastic fiber for use in textile applications
    • Affording comfort stretch, excellent heat and chemical resistance, including chlorine resistance
    • A crosslinked TPE: force and elasticity can be tailored via the base resin selection and spinning, while the crosslinking controls the yarn behavior in high temperature processes
  6. Modelling of the hyperelastic material behaviour of thermoplastic elastomers as a function of temperature and stress state

    Christoph Zimmermann | Material Technology of Institute of Plastics Processing (IKV), Aachen University

    • Determination of the temperature-dependent material behaviour
    • Selection of a suitable hyperelastic material model
    • Implementation of the material model and validation by using a unit cube
  7. Networking Lunch

The future of the automotive industry

  1. The future of autonomous and electric vehicles: challenges and opportunities for thermoplastic and silicone elastomers

    Patrick Ellis | Consultant of Smithers Rapra

    • High market growth for electric vehicles – Europe leads innovation
    • Need for common regulatory standards, demand for high-heat resistance TPE and dielectric elastomers
    • The future of silicone elastomer-based TPEs
  2. Modern high-tech elastomers: requirements for suppliers

    Dr Marc Kreye | Materials Technology Polymers, Deputy Groupleader Group Powertrain and Chassis of Volkswagen

    • Material trends in automotive parts
    • Globalisation and platforms: technological challenges
    • Today’s and future requirements for suppliers
  3. Serving the latest automotive trends with sustainable and innovative TPE compounds

    Thomas Koeppl | Group Product Manager of HEXPOL TPE

    • Automotive trends and their correlation to TPE compounds
    • Sustainable TPE from bio-based or post-consumer recyclate sources
    • Low emission TPE for interior soft touch and functional parts
  4. Chair's Conference Summary & Closing Remarks

    Oliver Franssen | Global Marketing Director Elastomers Transportation of Momentive Performance Materials GmbH

  5. End of Conference