Thermoplastic Elastomers World Summit Programme 2018


Tuesday 27 November

  1. Registration & Welcome Refreshments

  2. Chair's Opening Remarks

    Patrick Ellis | Consultant of Smithers Rapra

The global TPE market - challenges and opportunities

  1. Emerging trends and innovation needs in TPE markets

    Suresh Swaminathan | Executive Vice President of Teknor Apex

    • Innovating to ensure the stability and long-term growth of the industry
    • The role of polymer suppliers, compounders, converters, and brand owners
    • Challenging the traditional assumptions and practices prevalent in the industry today
  2. Global elastomer outlook and impact of the Middle East

    Xuesong Peng | Senior Consultant of Nexant Energy & Chemicals Advisory

    • Elastomer market dynamics
    • TPE overview
    • Middle East development
  3. New aspects of thermoplastic elastomers

    Guenter Scholz | Product Development Elastomers of BASF Polyurethanes

    • Introductions to TPE
    • Recommendation on ISO 18064 - nomenclature
    • Analysing the elastic behaviour of TPE
  4. Networking Refreshments Break

Towards a new generation of TPE: compliance, cost and cutting-edge innovation

  1. A bio-based hydrogenated farnesene styrenic copolymer

    Nobuhiro Miwa | Technical Service Engineer of Kuraray

    • How bio-based hydrogenated styrene farnesene copolymer exhibits significant performance comparted to conventional TPEs
    • Showcasing excellent grip performance with high bio content
    • High damping property in wide temperature range
  2. Enhanced electromechanical properties of thermoplastic elastomer actuators

    Chaoying Wan | Associate Professor of University of Warwick

    • Intrinsically tuning electromechanical properties of dielectric elastomers
    • Mechanical and electrical-self healing behaviour
    • Energy generation and storage
  3. Networking Lunch

  4. Towards a new generation of elastomers

    Sebastien Merzlic | Market Development Engineer of Arkema Technical Polymers

    • High-performance thermoplastic elastomers for functional or decorative parts in consumer goods
    • Silky touch with improved durability (stain, abrasion, UV resistance) for long-lasting comfort & aesthetics
    • Sustainable chemistry to support the ever-growing public demand for more eco-friendly devices
  5. Application of thermoplastic elastomer in razor systems

    Dr Stefan Knoll | Vice President of Product Development bei of Harry's

  6. Bringing two worlds closer together

    Dr Frieder Vielsack | Head of Advance Development of KRAIBURG TPE GmbH

    • Thermoplastic elastomer hybrids
    • Thermoplastic alternatives for common rubber applications
    • New TPE-solutions for demanding applications
  7. Networking Refreshments Break

Use of TPE in medical devices

  1. Requirements for Medical TPE Grades – Launch of a new VDI-Guideline

    Dr. Stefan Roth | Professor of Product Development/Design & Head of Material Innovation of University of Applied Sciences Schmalkalden

    Stefan Roth
    • Defining the requirements for medical grades
    • Development of the new guideline and the essential requirements to be covered by a medical grade
    • How this approach can be transferred to other fields of industry and application with high requirements in safety, i.e. automotive and aeronautic
  2. TPU-based catheters for in-situ micro blood pumps Impella – how to meet requirements and design realisation

    Dr Claudia Mourran | Senior Scientist Biological and Biochemical Affairs of Abiomed Europe

  3. Chair's Conference Summary & Closing Remarks

    Dr. Stefan Roth | Professor of Product Development/Design & Head of Material Innovation of University of Applied Sciences Schmalkalden

    Stefan Roth
  4. Networking Drinks Reception


Wednesday 28 November

  1. Registration & Welcome Refreshments

  2. Chair's Opening Remarks

    Dr. Krishna Venkataswamy | Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer of Interface Performance Materials

Material innovation

  1. Novel developments in vibration damping TPEs

    Dirk von Falkenhayn | Senior Technology Manager Europe of PolyOne Corporation

    • Impact - Vibration ­– Noise: the need for vibration damping technology
    • How the latest technologies are leading to a significantly better high temperature compression set
    • Energy dissipation, broad damping temperature range and effectiveness at both vibration and acoustic frequency
  2. Leveraging smart materials

    Marcus Taylor | CEO of Silent Sensors

    • Finding the right materials for smart rubber
    • Why focus initially on the tyre industry?
    • Rubber is so much more than tyres – looking at the wider applications of smart rubber
    • The Philosopher’s Stone – creating the inlay patch which can withstand curing rubber!
  3. Introduction of an innovative hydrogenated styrenic thermoplastic elastomer

    Hiroyuki Ichino | R&D Team Leader of Asahi Kasei Corporation

    • Asahi Kasei’s innovative hydrogenated styrenic thermoplastic elastomer
    • Features and properties
    • Application examples
  4. Networking Refreshments Break

  5. Title to be announced

  6. Modelling of the hyperelastic material behaviour of thermoplastic elastomers as a function of temperature and stress state

    Christoph Zimmermann | Material Technology of Institute of Plastics Processing (IKV), Aachen University

    • Determination of the temperature-dependent material behaviour
    • Selection of a suitable hyperelastic material model
    • Implementation of the material model and validation by using a unit cube
  7. Networking Lunch

The future of the automotive industry

  1. The future of autonomous and electric vehicles: challenges and opportunities for thermoplastic and silicone elastomers

    Patrick Ellis | Consultant of Smithers Rapra

    • High market growth for electric vehicles – Europe leads innovation
    • Need for common regulatory standards, demand for high-heat resistance TPE and dielectric elastomers
    • The future of silicone elastomer-based TPEs
  2. Modern high-tech elastomers: requirements for suppliers

    Dr Marc Kreye | Materials Technology Polymers, Deputy Groupleader Group Powertrain and Chassis of Volkswagen

    • Material trends in automotive parts
    • Globalisation and platforms: technological challenges
    • Today’s and future requirements for suppliers
  3. Serving the latest automotive trends with sustainable and innovative TPE compounds

    Thomas Koeppl | Group Product Manager of HEXPOL TPE

    • Automotive trends and their correlation to TPE compounds
    • Sustainable TPE from bio-based or post-consumer recyclate sources
    • Low emission TPE for interior soft touch and functional parts
  4. Chair's Conference Summary & Closing Remarks

    Dr. Stephanie Waschbüsch | Editor of TPE Magazine International

  5. End of Conference