2017 Speakers

  • Ines Alonso Zapirain

    Specialty Products Leader Dynasol Group

    Bachelor degree in Chemical Sciences (Polymers Specialty) at the Universidad del País Vasco. Master in Science and Technology of polymers at the CSIC (Madrid). Technician at the Development and Technical Assistance Department in Repsol Química (1997 to 2001) for the propylene segment and extrusion applications. From 2002 to 2015, Technician at the Development and Technical Assistance Department in Dynasol (Europe and Asia), for technical compounds (TPE), adhesives and plastics modification applications. Since 2016, Specialty Products Leader in Dynasol Group.

  • Christian Baumeister

    Head of Polymer Projects pfm medical

    Christian Baumeister studied mechanical engineering at RWTH Aachen, where he obtained his diploma at the IKV Institute of Plastics Processing at RWTH Aachen University. He has twenty years experience in polymer materials and engineering and medical device design. As a project manager  in application engineering and R&D at Rehau and Raumedic, he developed components for medical devices making innovative use of TPEs, such as the Perifix® catheter connector made for B. Braun. As Head of R&D at mepro and currently Head of Polymer Projects at pfm medical he achieved successful approval of various class I to class III devices, for the CE market as well as with FDA and other markets world wide.

  • Rebecca Cowles

    Staff Scientist Lord Corporation

    Rebecca Cowles is a Staff Scientist at LORD Corporation’s Erie, Pennsylvania facility. With over 25 years’ experience in product development, Cowles is one of the lead technologists responsible for the ongoing development of environmentally friendly adhesives. Cowles holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Gannon University. She has been published in Rubber and Plastics News Magazine and has been awarded several patents related to primers, adhesives and coatings.

  • Krijn Dijkstra

    Global Marketing Manager DSM Engineering Plastics

    Krijn Dijkstra has a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a PhD in Chemical Engineering on the topic of deformation and Fracture of Nylon-Rubber Blends. He has spent his career at DSM in different functions in Research & Technology before moving to Product Management and later Global Marketing Manager. His experience is predominately in the field of Automotive with a focus on Thermoplastic Elastomers. Currently he is Global Marketing Manager for the Arnitel product line for DSM Engineer.

  • Patrick Ellis

    Associate Consultant Smithers Rapra

    Patrick Ellis qualified at the Borough polytechnic as a Plastics Technologist in 1959. He worked for Shell Chemicals first in the field of epoxy resins and later in the development of expanded polystyrene. He left Shell in 1963 to join Borg-Warner Chemicals, where he was responsible for the development of wide ABS sheet, particularly for small marine craft. In 1970 he joined GEP as Area Sales Manager and in 1972 he moved Monsanto to develop their position in the European automotive industry. In 1976 he joined Hercules Europe as Technical Manager responsible for injection and blow moulding PP business.

    When Hercules and Montedison formed Himont, he was appointed European Market Development Manager. Later Neste Chemicals bought the Himont Belgium operation, when was asked to become part of Neste Polypropylene as Business Development Manager. In 1991, he left Nest to set up his own consultancy business, where he has carried out numerous single and multi-clients’ studies on polyolefins processes and catalysts, compounding of polyolefins and thermoplastics elastomers, as well as a number of global elastomer studies. He has recently finished a global elastomer study for Smithers and as well as one on global thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) and another on the European market for fibre reinforced thermoplastics (FRT).

    • France
  • Jan Tom Fernhout

    Senior Applications Development Specialist - TPE Division Teknor Apex

    Jan Tom Fernhout, Senior Application Development Specialist at Teknor Apex TPE Division.

    Jan Tom obtained Bachelor Degrees in Chemical & Process Engineering at the “Hogeschool van Amsterdam” and Polymer Engineering at the “Hogeschool van Utrecht”.

    In his professional career, Jan Tom has always been involved in Material and Application Development. Starting his career at DSM, he has worked for several businesses like Styrenics, Polyolefins and TPE’s since 1985; also for different market segments like E&E, Appliances and Automotive. Since 2010 he works for the TPE Division of Teknor Apex in Europe.

    His focus lies on optimising polymer/compound processing and part design, to enable optimal part performance. This has resulted in several successful projects e.g. in thermoset rubber replacement for Industrial and Automotive applications.

  • Giulia Franceschetti

    Project Manager Francesco Franceschetti Elastomeri

    Giulia Franceschetti received a Master degree in Microelectronics Engineering at University of Brescia (Italy), focusing on models and theoretical approaches to transport in disordered media, flexible and printed electronics.

    She is currently responsible of Research and Development area, Quality and Operations at Francesco Franceschetti Elastomeri.

    Her experience in includes characterization of polymers, supervision of polymer laboratory, management of development projects.

  • Thomas Kremser

    Scientific Staff Member Material Science B.Braun Melsungen AG

    Bachelor of Science in medical engineering (2014)
    Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg
    Fabrication of tailor-made orientation distributions of electrospun nanofibers for tissue engineering applications

    Master of Science in medical engineering (2016)
    Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
    Correlation between relaxation behaviour of polymeric tubings and product performance in infusion therapy

    Since 2017
    Scientific staff member at Institute of Polymer Materials Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg in cooperation with B.Braun Melsungen AG
    Field of work:
    Material selection in infusion therapy

  • Ryosuke Kurokawa

    Lead Researcher Sumitomo Chemical Company

    I am presently the lead researcher at Sumitomo Chemicals Company in Japan. My responsibilities include the development of new polymer products and providing technical customer support. I studied at the Tokyo Institute of Technology where received a Master of Science in Polymer Chemistry.

  • Nobuhiro Miwa

    Technical Service Engineer Kuraray

    Nobuhiro Miwa joined Kuraray Co., Ltd. on 1, April 2001 and he joined Kuraray Europe GmbH on 19. June 2017, as a Technical Service Engineer. His activities include of Application Development, Technical Service and Regulatory and Compliance Affairs. He represents the company’s Styrenic (SEPTON™ and HYBRAR™) and Acrylic based TPEs (KURARITY™) as well as liquid Isoprene and Butadiene Rubbers (LIR and LBR). He received his B.S. and M.S. in Polymer chemistry from Kyoto University, Japan in 2001.

  • Noriyoshi Ono

    Researcher JSR Corporation

    Noriyoshi Ono is a researcher and has graduated with a Master of Engineering in Organic and Polymer Materials from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan and he joined JSR Corporation in 2008. The main focus of his work is R&D of TPE materials particularly thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPVs) and application developments.

  • Mark Proudfoot

    Senior VP Technology Renkert Oil

    Owner and Senior Vice President Technology, Renkert Oil, 2001-present.  Guided this independent, international process oil supplier to grow 20 x and extend markets and products including oil processing and technical blending.

    He has 37 years of industrial experience.  During this time he has worked in Oil Refining:  R&D, technical service and process implementation in world scale plants.  Additionally he entered the polymers industry working with a wide range of polymers and applications including:

    • Crosslinking and heat shrink
    • Exterior automotive quality molded surfaces
    • Rubber and TPE
    • Adhesives
    • Self-regulating polymer heaters
    • Fluoropolymers, PVC, Nylon, ABS, PP, PE, HDPE, Acrylics

    Mark has experience with most plastic processes including: injection molding, extrusion (sheet, filament, profile, tubes), coating, calendaring, vacuum forming, painting, mono- and biaxial expansion, rotomolding and sintering.

    Mark earned his BS in Chemical Engineering from The Cooper Union in NYC and an MBA at Northwestern’s Kellogg school in Chicago.

    He serves on the ASTM D-27 committee which oversees Electrical Insulating Oils (Transformers).

    Renkert Oil supports nearly every industry with technical support and a variety of specialty oils and Mark gets great satisfaction helping companies improve their products and/or processes.

    The company is very proud of being selected to supply the highest purity, technically blended Scintillator fluid to Fermi Lab for their Neutrino experiment NOvA.  On-time, under budget, 100% proven quality, we delivered 8,800 MT to the neutrino detector in Minnesota.  Mark is an author of the paper; “Liquid scintillator production for the NOvA experiment.”

    Currently Renkert Oil services four continents.  In addition to extensive facilities in the US, Renkert has a European subsidiary with product tankage in Antwerp.  US production of USP white mineral oils and Transformer oils as well as other specialty products adds another layer of capability.  We are the dominant supplier of Chevron ParaLux process oils for TPE and many other applications.

  • Alexander Schindler

    Physicist NETZSCH

    Dr. Alexander Schindler studied Physics at the University of Bayreuth, Germany. So far, he has worked in the fields of experimental physics, thermal analysis and thermophysical properties for over 18 years. At NETZSCH Gerätebau GmbH, he has been employed in the Applications Laboratory as well as in the Hardware and Software Development. He is a known expert in thermal characterization methods and their applications.

  • Guenter Scholz

    Product Development Elastomers BASF Polyurethanes

    - Chemist by diploma education on University of Hannover/Germany
    - PhD in Polymer Chemistry on natural rubber subject in Hannover
    - 1-year postdoc at the Rubber Institute in Hannover on rubber-plasticizer interaction
    - Since 1988 in BASF Polyurethanes in Lemfoerde/Germany mainly in leading TPU Product Development, 4 years in production lead
    - 3-year delegation to BASF in Wyandotte/Detroit/US for team lead TPU Product Develoment
    - Back in Lemfoerde for team lead TPU Product Development

  • Anja Schulz

    Vistamaxx™ Market Developer, EMEAF ExxonMobil Chemical

    In 1997, Anja Schulz (Helmert) graduated at the Technical University of Stuttgart, Germany with a Master Degree Diploma in Chemical Engineering.

    After positions in process engineering for extrusion and compounding, manufacturing and development Anja started in 2003 at ExxonMobil Chemical as plant support and development engineer in the European Technology Center followed by positions in customer support for polypropylene consumer goods and film application development. From there she moved to marketing communication in the Headquarter of ExxonMobil Chemical in Brussels.

    In May 2017 Anja moved to her current position in Marketing for plastics and resins. Since she has been identifying and developing new applications to promote polyethylene and polypropylene ExxonMobil Chemical resins, mainly focusing on the compounding, molding and extrusion markets. 

  • Jürgen Towara

    Senior Food Contact Expert and Head of Food Contact Consultancy Intertek Health Environment and Regulatory Services (HERS)

    Jürgen Towara is Senior Food Contact Expert and Head of Food Contact Consultancy at INTERTEK Health Environment & Regulatory Services (HERS). He has more than 17 years of experience in the regulatory field of food contact and related areas.

    Until 2009 Jürgen Towara was manager for regulatory affairs at TICONA/CELANESE, a leading producer of technical polymers. In this role he also represented TICONA in the corresponding plastics associations.

    Prior to that he was working as regulatory consultant for Infraserv Hoechst, (manufacturers and converters of plastics). In addition, he was representing these companies in national industrial associations of Germany, European Plastics Converters (EuPC) and PlasticsEurope.

    Jürgen Towara studied Food Chemistry in Würzburg, graduated as Doctor at the University of Bayreuth in the Environmental Area, where he was investigating sources and transport of polychlorinated Dioxins and related compounds in the environment. 

  • Dirk von Falkenhayn

    Senior Technology Manager Europe PolyOne Corporation

    Dirk von Falkenhayn is the Application Development and Technical Manager for PolyOne´s TPE division EU and responsible for product development, application development, process development and technical service. He graduated from Aachen University in 1992 with a Master of Mechanical Engineering degree, after which he began working in Th. Bergmann / PolyOne production site at Gaggenau as Technical Service Engineer for TPE and engineering thermoplastics. After fully specializing in TPE he was holding increasingly responsible positions in development and product management, and now leads the European part of the GLS R&D and Technical Service group.